Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trailer - Seru

A Malay horror movie... from Pierre Andre and Ming Jin... Pierre Andre's pedigree in horror movie is unquestionable, with his Jangan Pandang Belakang, IMO, really kicking off the horror genre back to life... and Tayangan Unggul has produced quite a number of good movies...

So pretty interesting to see what they come up with... but from the trailer itself, it's kinda clear that the movie is a cross between The Blair Witch Project and... well, guess The Blair Witch Project only then... but it's kinda creepy, especially the noise that keeps popping up in the trailer...

The trailer dicilok from http://irafazir.blogspot.com/, hehehe... more info about the movie http://www.sinemamalaysia.com.my/film/info/?id=Seru_1043

Comes out 28 April... apparently, this Thursday is its premiere showing... jom gi tengok nak? :)