Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review - Hop

Another one of those live action + CGI movies... but if you look at its poster only, you'd think Hop is just an animation...

Anyway, Hop is about destiny. About how some people just could not deal with a predestined life. EB, a cute bunny on Easter Island, found out he was destined to become the Easter Bunny when he gets older. When he was young, he was kinda excited about it but once he was grown up, he was hesitant about it. Instead, he wanted to follow his dreams of becoming a drummer.

So he ran away to Hollywood, where he met Fred (James Marsden), who is a bum but is trying to turn his life around. Unfortunately for Fred, EB is about to turn his life upside down.

Hmm, guess this is actually the first movie to be themed around Easter... yes? I am trying to recall but for the life of me, I just can't remember any other movies about Easter... mostly Christmas or Thanksgiving... for an animation anyway...

The voice acting is nice. Russell Brand's kinda annoyance was toned down a bit with the voice acting.

The live actors do take a back seat in the movie, with the exception of James Marsden. But you do get a sense of dejavu here... the straight guy with the hilarious/crazy animal pairing... Yogi, Garfield, The Chipmunks? Yup, everything's seemed a bit done...

But the movie's fine. It's cute and charming and funny in parts. But it's just a bit weird when people just accept the fact that EB is a talking bunny and that the Easter Bunny is real, but then again, it is a movie aimed at kids... :)