Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review - Scream 4

I love Scream. It was innovative and creative and witty. Brought the slasher flick to a whole new level, instead of just the slashing of the victims.
Scream 4 starts with Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) returning to Woodsboro for her nationwide book tour and it coincides with the anniversary of the original Woodsboro murders.

Also, in town are the other Woodsboro survivors, Dewey (who is now a sheriff) and Gale, who is now married to Dewey and struggling to accept life in a small town setting, having been a high-flying reporter before. The murders started happening as soon as Sidney puts her foot in Woodsboro, and it seems to be targeting her cousin, Jill (Emma Roberts).

Who will survive? The tagline of the movie says ‘New Decade, New Rules’…

Joining Roberts and the three original Scream stars are Hayden Panitierre who plays Kirby, Jill’s best friend and Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks, a policewoman who is crushing on Dewey.

Also, one of the Culkins. I think it’s Rory. I am not sure. Another familiar face is Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson, who was a staple in spoofs, especially in the Scary Movie series.

Anyway, what made Scream different from the other horror movies, in my opinion, was its suspenseful and intense opening scene. I read that Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell would be in the opening. Both are good actresses and I love Kristen Bell to death so I was super excited.

However, Scream 4’s opening scene lacks a bit in the suspenseful department. It was certainly original though. However, compared to Drew Barrymore’s offing in the first Scream and Cotton Weary’s murder, and even Jada Pinkett Smith’s… Scream 4’s felt a bit detached. Bit of a letdown there. But the rest of the movie was not a letdown at all. It was served up in typical Scream style. Brutal. Intense. Suspenseful. Maybe a bit gorier than the earlier movies. But nothing to get excited about.

However, the Censorship Board here went overboard with the excitement. Oh, no, not really. Most of the scenes were left intact. Unfortunately, they went a bit scissor-happy sometimes and cut up some scenes while some F-Bombs and some very graphic murders were left untouched.

Please, people of the Board… the movie’s classified as 18, so us adults should be able to watch the movie as it were… sigh…

But it did not really detract from the movie though, thank God. Sidney Prescott had never been a ‘taking it lying down’ kinda girl before and in this movie, she did not even need weapons as she can kick the killer’s ass all on her own. Good for her to have learned self defense. But I do really think that she should just carry a gun and shoot the SOB. But then again, there would not be much of a movie now would it? Huhu...

Speaking of the killer(s) of Scream 4... No, I won’t spoil, obviously. The red herrings were on point. I could not figure out who it was until closer to the third act or so… I am not sure how I felt when the killers were revealed. I think I was a bit disappointed that they went that route but now that I think about it, I guess I can digest it. But I gotta tell ya, I am gonna have to watch it again to see how plausible it was for the person(s) to be the killer(s). Some parts need discussing a bit here and there.

Oh, and don't get me started on the audiences. As per usual, there would be a few rude members of the audience. The chatting with each other ones, the talking on the cell ones, the kicking your seat ones, the narrating ones... all kinds of annoying pricks... In this movie, I got an asking questions ones and also a screaming and chatting ones... the latter ones really bug me... if ya wanna talk, go outside lar... lepak at mamak or something... sigh...

Anyway, Scream 4… all bets are off… although if you have seen the teaser or the trailer then you would already know some of the ones who gets killed off already, so their stalking/murder scenes is less effective but no less suspenseful, which is a feat right there. And yes, Scream 4 does measure up to the other Screams well. Perhaps even better than the third one and that right there is no mean feat.


reza said...

i actually love the opening, it got me confuse...hehe

The Wan And Only said...

it was okay, but subpar to the other openings I think... :)