Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review - The Other Guys

I got chosen for the free tickets to watch the preview of The Other Guys via Advertlets -->

Had the hardest time trying to figure out what to write. Even contemplated not going at one point. Yup, that was how hard the topic was... anyway, finally got down to it and this is the product of it -->

Hopefully it would be good enough to get me tickets... and I got the email like Monday nite from Jason, telling me I got the tickets. Yay!

So I set out looking for a friend to go with me to the preview. Was quite hard. Not a lot of people were available and/or free to go. In the end, my colleague saved the day and we went to Midvalley together. Had dinner at Sushi King. It's RM2 per plate week! Yum!

Okay, so the movie... I had very low expectations of the movie. Mostly because of Will Ferrell. He is not funny to me. Quite annoying. In most of his movies.

But it turned out quite well. Will Ferrell was not annoying. Much. But the movie's quite good, with some crazy one-liners and pop culture references. It's not as fast-paced as a cop movie but since the title is The Other Guys, so it was okay that the movie was not rock 'em sock 'em blow 'em up style.
However, Mark Wahlberg was being the annoying one. God, he was overacting a bit. Now I see what people were talking about. That he does overact here and there. His face was in a constant state of "I'm constipated". Reminds me of The Happening... sigh...
On a different note, it's nice to see Vince from Will & Grace and also Michael Keaton. Looks so aged... nice supporting with the funny TLC references...

Oh, forgot to mention... when I was queueing up to get the tickets, they told me I won something, like the last time... I won Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirt... I was excited... but then, he said I did not win anything... April Fool's came a bit too early... :(

But then, after the movie's finished, Josh from Advertlets got up and presented the winning blog posts with presents... I was not bitter, I kinda had to pee... but then I heard my name called! What the... woah... hehehhe... this is what I got:

I placed second! So unexpected! Thanks to Sony and Advertlets.

P/S - Was disappointed You Again got canceled... I love Kristen Bell...