Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review - Alpha and Omega

Went to see this with the kids last weekend at Midvalley. Another movie that went under my radar. Not that my radar's all that comprehensive but I do keep up with the entertainment news.

Anyway, I first saw this movie at CinemaOnline.com and then at GSC. Perfect timing to go see this with the kids.

Alpha and Omega is about a pack of wolves and the segregation amongst them. The alphas and the omegas. They can't mix. The lead wolves, Kate and Humphrey, are one such example. Kate's an alpha and Humphrey's an omega. And Humphrey's got a huge crush on Kate.

Also, there are the Eastern wolf pack who constantly barge in on their territory because of the lack of food. Kate and the Eastern wolf alpha, Garth, are supposed to get married to unite the packs

However, Kate and Humphrey was captured and sent away by humans to Canada to repopulate there. Kate and Humphrey rushed home to prevent a war over the land and its bounty. Along the way, Kate falls for Humphrey.

I gotta say, it's a nice enough story but there was something lacking. I am not sure what it was. Coz there's humor. There's cutesy. There's thrills. There's everything. Hmm... maybe not enough antagonism there. Sure, there's the rivalry between the packs but I guess there's not enough of the rivalry or villainy in Alpha and Omega to really pack a punch.

Even the kids thought it was just nice enough and kinda forgettable afterwards.

Oh, there was this one humor thing that nobody saw... I was the only one laughing... some signage about eating and getting gas... hilarious... :)