Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AI 10 - Top 12 Boys

Full list of the Top 24 -->

Today, it's the Top 12 Boys... for those of you who cannot catch the performances either live on TV or reruns... here are links for their performances via
and a recap of the episod -->

Clint Jun Gamboa -

Jovany Barreto -

Jordan Dorsey -

Tim Halperin -

Brett Loewenstern -

James Durbin -

Robbie Rosen -

Scotty McCreery -

Stefano Langone -

Jacob Lusk -

Casey Abrams -

Paul McDonald -

Most of them did great... but if I had to pick 6 to move on, it'd be Clint, Jovany, Scotty, James, Jacob and Casey...