Friday, September 17, 2010

Review - Going the Distance

I haven't even heard of this movie until an ex-colleague of mine asked me to accompany her for a sneak preview. Boy, it was soooo sneaky that there were only a handful of people in the cinema hall. Like 10 people... which was good coz we were seated so far away that we could sit comfortably... hehehe...

Anyways, I have always liked Drew Barrymore so I thought why not... plus, Justin Long and Barrymore have been the talk of the town in regards to their relationship... whether it's on or it's off...

Either way, this movie is a romantic comedy about two people who met and got it on famously... but the problem is the girl's leaving to the other side of the country.

It's a nice enough movie. The two leads have excellent chemistry together and the acting was not too bad.

Drew Barrymore's forte is lightweight comedies so she's pretty good here. Justin Long is also good as the guy who has to deal with the long distance relationship. He sidestepped his normal roles AKA quirky and annoying and made the guy somewhat likeable. The scene when he had to make a difficult decision was kinda heartbreaking. Proves how good he actually is...

They're supported by a few interesting and hilarious characters. Guess that's the norm when it comes to quirky romantic comedies. The wacky sidekicks.

Christina Applegate is especially hilarious and the tough as nails and no nonsense older sister. She's excelling in this kind of role, especially after carving out a name for herself in Samantha Who? and her Emmy winning scene stealing role as Rachel's sister on FRIENDS.