Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review - The Adventures of Tintin

To be honest, when I first saw the trailer for Tintin, I thought it was boring and would not be a very good movie. However, last weekend, I suddenly changed my mind and decided to go watch it with some friends. And that decision was one of the best ones I had ever made.

The Adventures of Tintin was, in one word, awesome!

Feels like we were watching an Indiana Jones movie or something. It has everything. Mystery, thrills, action, comedy, drama. Seriously. It was like watching a live action movie, instead of a cartoon. But then again, only an animated feature could have shown what Tintin had shown...

So, basically, The Adventures of Tintin is about Tintin, a journalist who is good at cracking mysteries and solving crimes, with a little help from his sidekick dog, Snowy. This time, he got caught up in the drama of vengeance and treasures when he bought a model ship, not knowing what it was really worth.

After he bought the model ship, he was thrust into someone else's drama and he had no choice but to participate and solve the mystery. This brought our heroes across the world and into all kinds of mischief and excitement.

The best thing in the whole movie? Snowy. Tintin's sidekick dog. Really, really good and helpful.

Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig and Andy Serkis all brought life to the animated characters with their voice works.

There were plenty of inside jokes from Spielberg too. If you can spot it of course. Hehe.

Basically, a pretty good movie that was not boring at all, in terms of pacing and storylines and action. It gets you thinking as well. And laughing. Oh, there was plenty of laughing. And on the edge of your seat thrills. Although it came out slightly after the summer (in Malaysia at least), The Adventures of Tintin is a great summer movie! A thinking man's summer movie even! :)


thanezra said...

dem nak tgk gak!...xda chance lagi...*chants : weekend ni weekend ni

The Wan And Only said...

thanezra: u really shud... :)