Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Town

Synopsis: In this once glamourous town inhabited by socialites, tycoons, playboys, playgirls and supermodels, it is now a cess pool filled with snake oil salesmen, disgruntled messiahs, puppets, sycophants, plastic baggers, freaks and weirdos... However, this town is also home to the untamable force known as the Cru Cru Crew. Their boss, Tom Bastion, has big plans which include hiring the lot of them to run his hotel and casino. Ingenious plan or madman's folly - only time will tell... Follow the trials and tribulations of this notorious band of bedlamites and psychosocialists as they wreak havoc through the streets of... THIS TOWN.

This new animation series comes to us from the creatively warped minds of the Rapid Binturong crew.

It's kinda like stop motion animation ala Wallace & Gromit or The Corpse Bride but This Town is in 2D and like the synopsis says, this series is about this bunch of ragtag people working for the hotel.

There is only 3 episodes released for now:

Episode 1: The hotel manager, Iceberg, and the hotel moneyman, Voodoo Bob, are summoned to the office of the enigmatic Mr. Bastion. They have no clue why and so begin to speculate on their journey up there, while learning some horrible truths about events past.

Episode 2: Still upset over Bastion's orders, Voodoo and Iceberg head to the hotel's bar to drown their sorrows. Meanwhile, Louisiana is pillaging the bar, searching for rum. All havoc ensues when a female customer arrives and orders a drink...

Episode 3: Iceberg and Arnalda discuss who'd be more suitable to take the fall should anything go wrong at the Bastion Hotel. One by one they go through the list of the Hotel's employees in order to find the pseudo "boss" Iceberg so desperately needs.

They had a rough start but there's plenty of potential, which is to their benefit since this is a series AKA they have room to improve. Although, there's plenty of cuss words in the dialogue. So if you're not a Tarantino fan, you might wanna brace yourself...
Anyway, welcome to the industry This Town! It's definitely brighter (or in their (storylines) case, gloomier) with this new addition!
Go to This Town's website to watch the episodes: